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Reviews and Testimonials

Bamboo Locksmith Reviews

Elsa Burri

BT is a “Speedy Gonzalez”. He replaced my defective “Schlage Door Lock” with a newly installed one in 15/20 minutes for me, an 89 year old ex-Swiss citizen. My ex-spouse, a CPA, phoned him the preceding day, resulting in a prompt “timely” response

Ellen Strin

Wonderful quick service!hNdDg

Bek Tea

I have an old GMC truck and its doors lock themselves even when the cars engine is running. Thanks BT for coming quickly and saving my car from overheating. God bless you.

EJ Cronin

My sliding glass door accidentally locked behind me leaving me locked out of the house. BT was able to come within 15 minutes!! He was quick, efficient and reasonably priced. I will definitely call him again if I ever need a locksmith.

Roger Hrvatin

BT responded brilliantly to help me make a copy of an emergency key that slips inside my keyless entry Fob for my 2017 Subaru outback. This was a difficult key to reproduce laser cut, BT Was able to get it done and it fit and worked perfectly. Thank you so much!

Allo Boris

Dear Batyr, thank you for helping me out, when I forgot the key in the car and locked the door. I could be late for work, but you arrived on time. I express my gratitude to you.

Rodney L

Batyr was supremely professional and competent in unlocking me out of my car and building a new set of BMW keyless FOBs — a complex and exceedingly specialized skill set. I highly recommend Bamboo Locksmith for all jobs, especially those requiring a master locksmith!

Yen Yu

Great professional service by Batyr! He made sure I was happy with the new locks. I would use him again. Thank you Batyr!

Dovran Yedidogan

Very competitive service man. Helps me in my hard time. Thanks a lot Mr. Batyr

Njasik Touch

Love your work, thank you!

Jen D

A piece of my key broke off inside the lock of my front door and BT was there no more than 20 minutes after I contacted Bamboo Locksmith. He was friendly, professional, and efficient! He not only got the broken piece out, but also found and resolved an additional repair at no extra cost. Highly recommend for any and all locksmith needs and will 100% use for any of mine in the future. Thank you!

Meylis Ovezov

I used the service second time, This time I needed to re-key my Toyota Camry; BT was great as always, fast, very professional, courteous. I absolutely use his service again.

Kathy T

Bamboo locksmith is the best ! I locked myself out of my house on Christmas Eve day and help was at my front door in 20 minutes. The door was opened in 2 minutes! So professional and courteous. Saved the day!

John Hamilton

I was locked out of my house and these guys came to the rescue. Recommended!